Costa Rica Riding

Costa Rica Riding Company

The Costa Rica Riding Company is a small locally owned company located in the Province of Guanacaste. It is operated by Christina Rahm, whom is Swedish by descent, but has lived and breathed Costa Rica for more than 20 years and will keep you informed of all the wonderful plant and animal life that can be seen on the ride. She is multilingual and is fluent in Swedish, Spanish, and English.

Our Horses

The horses we ride are criollos, which have been locally bred and originate from the Peruvian Paso Fino, Andalusian, and Barb that the conquistadors brought to Costa Rica. Most stand about 15 hands, although there are a few taller ones in the company. They are known for their comfortable gait, surefootedness, and even temperament. The tack we use and recommend is of the western style. The saddle has canvas sides and plastic stirrups so that you can ride bare legged and in the water. English tack is also available for those so desiring.

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